Serving individuals with intellectual and

developmental disabilities and their families since



Engstrom Services, Inc.

Engstrom Services, Inc. is fortunate to be governed by an outstanding Board of Directors made up of dedicated volunteers from the community, some of whom are persons with disabilities or family members of persons with disabilities.


Our history

Throughout the years Engstrom Services Inc. (ESI) has been involved in  providing services in Tennessee and other states.

Completed the following activities for the State of Tennessee on a state-wide basis

Performed psychological evaluation for DIDS

Completed Pre-Admission Evaluation (PAE) Packages

Facilitated transitions for individuals moving from the four developmental centers in Tennessee

Provided case management services for the elderly and disabled for the statewide Home and Community Based Services waiver

Since 1997, Engstrom Services, Inc.’s Community Connections has provided Independent Support Coordination Services to over 1100 individuals across the state.


Additionally ESI has provided assessments for over 700 children in state custody and diagnostic and evaluation services to individuals in SE TN and NW GA and NE Alabama under state contracts.


Engstrom Services, Inc. has provided PASRR evaluations and training in the states of Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Nebraska.

Community Connections provided case management services to individuals with intellectual disability in Atlanta, Georgia.


ESI provides private psychological evaluations


Engstrom Services was a key player in converting approximately 1000 state funded individuals with intellectual disability to the H&CB Medicaid Waiver.


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