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Administrative Team - Engstrom's administrative team is composed of an Executive Director, Finance Director, Business Manager/ Human Resources and Buildings and Grounds Manager.


 Kris Zink, Executive Director


 Gay Brown, Business Manager/Human Resources


 Mirjana Tomic, Finance Director


 Tim Gardner, Manager of Building and Grounds


Area Director - Community Connections serves three geographic areas (East, Middle and West Tennessee), each with a designated Area Director. The Area Director is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of Community Connections.   They ensure that work completed within the designated region is done in a quality manner in accordance with agency and DIDS requirements. The Area Director represents the agency at DIDD regional and state information meetings and at Tennessee Alliance of Support Coordinators (TASC). The Area Directors report directly to the Executive Director.


Kris Zink, Area Director, East TN Region


Scott Mullins, Area Director, Middle TN Region


Angela Strayhorn, Area Director, West TN Region


Regional Administrator - The Regional Administrator is directly involved with professional staff supervision, new employee orientation and staff training. They are often in contact with individuals and their families/legal representatives. The Regional Administrator works closely with the Area Director to ensure the quality of services provided by the professional staff. The Regional Administrator maintains ongoing communication with the DIDD regional office in their area. They report directly to the Area Director.


David Robinson, Regional Administrator, Southeast TN Region


Melissa Landis, Regional Administrator, Northeast TN Region


ISC Support Manager - The ISC-SM provides day-to-day support and assistance for a designated group of Independent Support Coordinators with regard to completing the entire independent support coordination process. They report directly to the Regional Administrator.


Vicky Johnson, ISC-SM, Northeast TN Office


Johhny McGarrah, ISC-SM, Northeast TN Office


Meg Sutton, ISC-SM, Southeast TN Office


Laura Bell, ISC-SM, Middle TN Office


Amanda Wiley, ISC-SM, Middle TN Office


open position, ISC-SM, West TN Office


Support Staff - The support staff members include administrative assistants and data management personnel assigned to each office. They assist the professional staff by ensuring that the individual's information is readily available and accessible to the professional staff. The individual's personal information is maintained in an orderly and secure manner which meets the DIDD and Community Connections' standards. The support staff members report to the Regional Administrator of their specific area.


ISC - The ISC is the heart of Community Connections services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their primary responsibility is to provide quality case management including monitoring of supports and services received by the individual and to document the results of this process. They serve as advocates for the individuals. The ISC is supervised by the Regional Administrator.


Employees with 5 years, or more, of service with Engstrom Services, Inc. are:


East TN Region

Southeast TN:

Pat Sanderfur, ISC, 22 years

Stacie Benjamin, ISC, 18 years

Meg Sutton, ISC-SM, 17 years

David Robinson, RA, 15 years

Shirley Garside, AA, 13 years

Jennifer Myers, ISC, 8 years

Deidra Anderson, ISC, 8 years


Northeast TN:

Melissa Landis, RA, 14 years

Shari Love, AA, 17 years

Arretta Castle, ISC, 14 years

Vicky Johnson, ISC-SM, 11 years

Deborah Ellis File/Data Entry 10 years

Misty Bagnell, ISC, 10 years

Johnny McGarrah, ISC-SM, 9 years


Administrative Team:

Kris Zink, ED, 21 years

Gay Brown, Business Manager, 18 years

Tim Gardner, Building & Grounds, 16 years

Mirjana Tomic, Finance Director, 9 years


Middle TN Region

Anita York, ISC, 18 years

Joyce Miller, AA, 15 years

Lana Woodward, ISC, 8 years

Amanda Wiley, ISC-SM, 6 years

Scott Mullins, AD, 5 years

West TN Region

Laura Weatherford, ISC, 11 years

Jessica Strickland, ISC, 7 years

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